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Sep 19, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

A working model of the Bugatti Chiron built entirely out of Lego!

Over the last few days, astonished internet users have been able to watch a video showing a Bugatti Chiron… made entirely out of Lego! What is even more amazing is that the replica sports car can run! The masterpiece was presented at the Italian Grand Prix at the beginning of September.

The Lego brand’s latest challenge was to create a fully-functioning, life-sized model of a Chiron, a prestigious sports car from French manufacturer Bugatti. The Danish toy manufacturer rose to the challenge, as proven in a video posted on YouTube on 30th August. The project might have been a huge undertaking, but it was also a genius marketing ploy, explains Numerama.


Thousands of building hours


13,500 hours: That is how long it took to build this incredible replica car, which is made up of over a million pieces, all assembled in the Lego factory in Kladno, Czech Republic.

To recreate the two-million euro Bugatti, Lego used 339 types of “Lego Technic” pieces, 58 of which (many transparent) were created especially for the project. The toy manufacturer’s astonishing life-sized replica – which weighs around 1.5 tonnes and has working headlights – is a faithful copy of the real thing, right down to the tiniest details, including its wheels and engine. 


Maximum speed of 30 km/h


With its 2,304 tiny motors and 4,032 gears, the replica Chiron can drive along like a normal car. However, it cannot exceed 30 km/h (just under 20 mph), which is light years off the 400 km/h (nearly 250 mph) maximum speed of the real Chiron, which is recognised as the fastest and most powerful production car in the world. Nevertheless, the “toy” was proudly presented by Lego at the Italian Grand Prix, which was held in Monza on 2nd September. 

Afterwards, the Danish manufacturer will no doubt auction off this extraordinary clone, but the bids will quickly exceed the budget of most Lego fans. Everyday Lego-lovers will have to settle for a small-scale copy (14 cm high) of the Bugatti Chiron, which is available from the Lego website for a more affordable 380 euros.


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