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Mar 8, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

AccorHotels teams with Dreem to provide a better night’s sleep

As part of a partnership between a start-up by the name of Rythm and the AccorHotels group, two Pullman hotels located in Paris and San Francisco are currently enabling guests to test a connected headband which improves the quality of sleep and limits night-time disturbances.



Business travellers with frequent changes of continent suffer more than most with the effects of jet lag, namely fatigue, trouble concentrating and memory loss linked to the lack of sleep. Many people have to deal with this on a daily basis, which is why the AccorHotels group, in partnership with a start-up by the name of Rythm, has decided to offer its guests a Dreem headband, designed to improve the quality of sleep of those who wear it. The connected device is currently being tested in two Pullman hotels, in Paris and San Francisco, according to French travel website Voyages d'affaires.


A better quality of sleep and a gentle wake-up


The Dreem connected headband, which has been developed by a French start-up by the name of Rythm, is fitted with sensors that are ultra-sensitive and which monitor the heart rates, breathing and most importantly brain waves of the person wearing it. The device is capable of analysing this data and emitting sounds into the inner ear to improve the quality of sleep.

The device has been tested and given clinical approval – wearing a Dreem headband helps you sleep better and for longer, as well as enabling you to wake up gently thanks to a smart system.


Trial period under way in Pullman hotels in Paris and San Francisco


The Dreem headband should therefore help business – and other – travellers deal with jet lag by reducing the negative effects and speeding up the recovery period. "A good night’s sleep is one of the main aspects of the concept of well-being as far as Pullman is concerned, and indeed it is one of the four pillars of its famous well-being programme, namely sleep, food, sport and spa," explained Aldina Duarte Ramos, head of well-being for Sofitel, Pullman and Swissôtel.

During this initial trial period, the Rythm equipment is only available in the Pullman hotels located at Paris Centre-Bercy and San Francisco Bay. Members of the Club AccorHotels loyalty programme who filled in a questionnaire about health, well-being and sleep patterns were then entered into a draw held between 12 and 19 February, with the winner getting a Dreem headband. The device is now also available on general sale and comes with a travel case, retailing at 499 US dollars (a little over 400 euros).


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