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Sep 7, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Air transport: Passenger satisfaction is declining, say the CAA

Passengers have become less and less satisfied with British airports and airlines over the last two years, says a recent study by the Civil Aviation Authority (CAA). Though they are particularly dissatisfied with how disruptions and delays are handled and the on-board experience in general, they can at least be confident they will receive good customer service if they make a complaint.

The CAA (Civil Aviation Authority) has just published its 5th annual “UK Aviation Consumer Survey”, which evaluates the satisfaction of customers using Britain’s airports and airlines. Customer satisfaction has dropped over the last two years. The way in which disruption and delays are dealt with is the main cause for complaint, with the number of satisfied customers falling from 90% in spring 2016 to 83% in spring 2018, reports Buying Business Travel.


A less pleasant on-board experience


According to the CAA’s study, fewer British airline passengers claim to enjoy their on-board experience. Of the 3,500 British travellers surveyed, only 77% said they were satisfied, compared with 81% in 2016.

This decline in satisfaction varies according to the region: 89% of passengers that travelled from the North-East of England said they were happy with their flight, while only 76% of those travelling from the East Midlands were content, and 78% of those travelling from Wales. 


Effort made when dealing with claims


55% of those surveyed said that passengers should book earlier flights in order to anticipate any potential delays, but 45% still believe they should be able to trust the airline to get them to their destination on time.

The CAA’s study showed that British airports and airlines are improving how they deal with unsatisfied customers, with 50% of passengers saying they felt confident that any complaints would be dealt with fairly, 6% more than in 2016. Finally, it seems that passenger satisfaction with regard to complaints has reached its highest level for five years, with 64% of those surveyed saying they were happy with the way their complaint was dealt with, compared to 53% in the previous survey.


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