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May 12, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Airline punctuality getting worse in France

Delays and cancels can make air travel a source of frustration. As for an official report, flights punctuality got worse in France between 2015 and 2016, all types of flights affected.


Everyone has had some sort of unpleasant air travel experience – a flight cancelled at the last minute, a delay that means you miss your connecting flight or train... Be it domestic, medium or long-haul, to or from France, all types of flight are subject to the vagaries of delays. And these delays got worse in 2016.

17% of domestic flights delayed in 2016

This was the conclusion of the annual report published by the Transport Service Quality Authority (AQST), which is part of the French Ministry of Transport. Cancelled and delayed flights increased between 2015 and 2016: for domestic flights, the statistics are significantly worse, with 1.6% of flights cancelled and 17% delayed in 2016, compared with 0.7% and 11% in 2015. Furthermore, the average flight delay went up from 39 minutes to 42 minutes.

The same tendency can be seen in medium-haul flights: cancellation rates are up to 1.1% (compared with 0.7% in 2015) and delays up to 22%, compared with 19% in 2015. The average delay also increased by two minutes (from 41 minutes in 2015 to 43 in 2016).

Flights to North African countries the worst affected

Flights to North African countries are the worst affected by these trends, according to the AQST report. As one would expect, the tendencies for long-haul flights are less significant in terms of cancellations (up from 0.4% in 2015 to 0.5% in 2016), but delays are frequent, with 27% of flights affected, compared with 25% in 2015. The average delay did, however, go down slightly, from 52 to 50 minutes.

Ten long-haul flights are particularly affected by delays, several of them in French Overseas Territories such as Paris-Fort de France (Martinique) and Orly-Pointe à Pitre (Guadeloupe), as well as others such as Dakar-Paris...


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