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Jan 31, 2020,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Airports of the future will be as connected as travellers, say innovation experts

Air transport IT provider SITA has assessed how the development of new technologies will impact most on the way airports will operate in the future. Innovations will bring about major changes transforming the everyday experiences of passengers, airport employees and industry stakeholders.

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New technologies are occupying an increasingly important place in a large number of industries and sectors, including air transport, where the impact of the connected innovations and solutions of the future will be especially noticeable. A specialist IT provider to the air transport industry, SITA has made some bold predictions as to how technology will shape airports in the years to come, as reported by Tom Travel.


An impact on all air transport players


Things are set to change for both industry professionals and travellers, who will undergo security checks that will make use of automatic digital and biometric identity checks. The risk of data theft will be assessed in real time by AI at airport terminals, which will also change significantly.

The increased use of sensors and the widespread availibility of 5G will mean more devices collecting and analysing data, leading to improved services. In also making use of algorithms, airports will, in SITA’s opinion, be able to manage their own development with very little assistance. Passengers will also have the ability to carry out operations before they even arrive at the airport.


New organisations


Airports and their designers thus face the task of adapting to users’ needs and offering the new services made necessary by the introduction of tomorrow’s technologies, and of maintaining the revenue streams generated by new infrastructures. Decision-makers will have to compensate for the loss of revenue resulting from the disappearance of certain services, such as car parks, which will become obsolete with the use of autonomous vehicles and flying taxis.

The digital systems, devices and employees that travellers come into contact with will collaborate closely with each other, ensuring airports function smoothly and are efficiently organised for the benefit of all actors. The inevitable exchanging of data will be accompanied by protection and security measures designed to combat fraud and data theft, which seem set to remain major concerns.


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