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Jun 27, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Amazon are developing a wristband that can read emotions

Amazon have submitted patents for two innovative technologies that may be used within the framework of “Project Dylan", a connected wristband that is able to read the wearer’s emotions. This intelligent device, which is equipped with microphones and linked up to a mobile application, can record and analyse the wearer’s voice to determine their state of mind. How Amazon intend to market this product, which is still in the test phase, remains to be seen. 


Amazon are currently developing a connected wristband designed to read the wearer’s emotions. The device, which is equipped with microphones and coupled with a mobile application, is said to analyse several types of data, including the sound of the wearer’s voice, report Bloomberg, who have based their article on information gleaned from confidential documents and an anonymous source. 

The wearable device, which is being developed by the online sales giant in collaboration with technology partner Lab126, is said to be already in the test phase. But the exact nature and progress of these trials is still unknown.  


"Project Dylan" is bursting with new technologies 


Certain innovations whose patents belong to Amazon could be used in the development of this wristband, whose code name is “Dylan”. One such innovation, for example, is a vocal software programme patented in 2017 by the Seattle-based firm and unveiled the following year. The device is said to be able to determine whether the wearer is feeling “joy, anger, sorrow, sadness, fear, disgust, boredom, stress, or other emotional states.”  The patent submission states that the device can even read “abnormal emotional states.” 

The other technological asset that Amazon possesses for developing this connected device is a programme that is able to isolate human words from background noise. Bloomberg believe that the American company will include this programme in the connected wristband’s functions. 


Focusing on health and wellbeing 


The emotion-reading software’s patent text leads us to believe that the e-commerce giant might use their knowledge of the wearer’s state of mind in order to recommend products to them. Nothing suggests, however, that the wristbands equipped with these technologies are destined to be marketed to the general public. Amazon’s engineers are well known for the free rein they enjoy regarding experimentation, and the products they develop are not necessarily destined to be released on the market.

In the documents to which Bloomberg had access, Project Dylan is being presented by as a health and wellness product, for the time being. It is also suggested that the technologies used might, in the long term, advise the wearer as to how to better interact with the people around them, according to the emotions they are feeling.


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