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Feb 2, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Amazon’s AI gives the state of traffic at London Heathrow airport in real time

The first British operator to develop a “skill” that can be accessed by Amazon’s artificial intelligence users, London Heathrow Airport is seeking to improve its client experience. Future passengers will be able to ask Alexa about the latest flight information using Amazon Echo or any other compatible device.  

Thanks to Alexa, Amazon’s intelligent personal assistant, passengers have been able to access real-time information about air traffic in and out of London Heathrow Airport since 6th December last year. To benefit from this service, users simply need an Echo wake-word or another connected device made by the Californian company that works with the Alexa system.


Alexa has learnt to understand certain orders


As reported on website T.O.M. Travel, the airport, which operates 1,300 flights every day, is the first British operator to have developed a function that exploits Alexa’s potential. To do this, the managers of London Heathrow – one of Europe’s largest airports – called upon The Voyage Team, a company that specialises in creating high-tech digital solutions.

These experts worked hard to make Alexa capable of understanding the potential questions asked by future passengers of various different airlines. Into the bargain, they developed a “skill”, the name given to services that can be accessed through Amazon’s intelligent assistant.


A hands-free consultation 


Travellers can find out the departure or arrival time of their flight in real time, as well as the latest changes, such as delays or cancellations submitted by the 84 airlines that operate out of Heathrow. And all without needing to type anything into the keypad, phone or tablet. 


Reassuring and time-saving


In a home equipped with Amazon Echo, you simply need to say the word “Heathrow” out loud followed by a flight number. Alexa will then announce all the latest information available. The user can perform the whole operation hands-free, leaving them free to do something else at the same time. The potential time saved is significant. 

And this is what makes the skill so valuable for Heathrow airport. Before they even arrive at the terminal, the client is more likely to feel relaxed and well-treated. Their experience is improved, which is a positive outcome for the airport’s managers.


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