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Nov 5, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

An Israeli start-up develops a road that can recharge electric cars

An Israeli company has designed a system that is able to recharge electric vehicles as they drive along by dynamic induction. This technology could be compatible with all asphalt roads and has already yielded some promising results.

Battery autonomy is still one of the main problems to get around when developing electric vehicles. Creating a road that would enable drivers to recharge their vehicle as they drive along would certainly shake up the industry. Israeli company ElectReon is currently trying to tackle this issue. They have developed a system based around electric coils integrated into the road surface. They claim to have recharged a Renault Zoe by dynamic induction on a 20-metre section of road, reported website


A 12kg box


ElectReon claim that this technology is compatible with all asphalt roads and that installing the charging system on a 1km section of road would only take one night. The start-up has announced promising results. They say they have produced 8.5kW of power and hope to reach 15kW very soon. The power supply currently sold for the Zoe, the “Wallbox”, offers 7kW of power. One of the downsides that ElectReon still need to work on is the weight of their device: the box required weighs 12kg.

Car, lorry, bus: ElectReon’s system should be compatible with all electric vehicles. The company is planning to test the system on a car in the near future. Bus lanes would be a particularly lucrative market if the system were to go on sale. 


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