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Jul 3, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Apple: iPhone to double up as one-stop shop for your medical data?

Apple is looking to turn its customers' iPhones into virtual health data banks that allow users and their doctors to access their medical records. The company is currently on the lookout for partners to develop the requisite technology and enrich the tool's functionalities.



Apple has entrusted a team at its health unit with the task of looking into the possibility of creating a portal that would enable iPhone users to store all their medical data on their phones, Mashable says.


Access to health data made easy


Providing a comprehensive record of their health, the portal would contain all the patient’s prescriptions, test and examination results and a record of all their doctor’s visits.

It would also enable this valuable data to be shared with health professionals, whose ability to communicate with each other is often limited.


Search for ideal candidates


CNBC reports that in its efforts to develop the project, Apple is now researching companies capable of offering innovative data-storage systems that would meet its requirements, all with the aim of potentially acquiring them.

As well as enabling medical data to be consulted and shared by users at the touch of a fingertip, there is also a need for the process to guarantee data privacy and security.


Apple tight-lipped


In continuing with its enquiries, Apple has declined to comment on the CNBC report.

Quoting sources close to the company, the US media outlet said Apple has contacted a number of healthcare stakeholders with a view to creating partnerships, among them hospitals, major groups in the industry and developers.


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