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According to Bloomberg, Apple may be set to launch its own model of augmented reality glasses in 2020. These could be synchronised with an iPhone to enrich the user experience in terms of geo-tracking, messaging and video games.


Apple is looking to break into the AR/VR market, and as such will be launching its own augmented reality glasses in 2020. These "Apple AR Glasses" will have a holographic display and be similar to the famous "Google Glass" , Bloomberg reported on Monday 21 October.


Focus on augmented reality


The future high-tech glasses will likely be able to connect directly to an iPhone, with the configuration of the forthcoming release of the brand’s smartphone confirming the growing interest that the company has in augmented reality, the website explains.

The next iPhone will be 5G-compatible and include a more powerful processor as well as a 3D camera in the back – all features indicating that Apple is looking to establish itself in the AR/VR sector. The glasses will enable the user to superimpose themselves into virtual reality in the real applications on the telephone in a number of different domains including messaging, e-mails, video games and maps.


Specialist stores likely to appear


The brand is also looking to create an app store specifically to provide the perfect sales conditions for this new product. In addition to shops that are dedicated to iPhones, Macs and Apple Watches, stores could be set up purely to sell augmented reality glasses.

Competition is likely to be fierce, with other tech heavyweights such as Facebook and Amazon also developing similar products.


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