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The exact nature of the new type of media pledged by Audi and Disney is hard to pin down. The two companies have been working together on the project for over a year and a half, developing technology for the occupants of the self-driving cars of the future, which will leave them free to pursuits other than driving. The results of the collaboration between the two giants will be revealed in January.

Audi and The Walt Disney Company have joined forces to develop a new type of media for self-driving cars. Information on the technology in question has been scarce to date. A video posted on YouTube on 26 November offers few clues as to how their creation will “open up new worlds”. However, the two giants will give an official presentation of the results of their collaboration at the Consumer Electronic Show (CES) in Las Vegas (USA) in January 2019, as reported by Clubic.


A lengthy collaboration


I’d call it a new media type that isn’t existing yet that takes full advantage of being in a vehicle,” explained Nils Wollny, Audi’s head of digital business strategy and customer experience. We created something completely new together, and it’s very technologically driven.” It was Wollny who recently revealed that Audi had invited Disney to work on a project that began over 18 months ago.

Audi is not the only carmaker looking to develop new technology designed with the passengers of self-driving cars in mind. With no need to focus on the road or driving, they will have the time to do other things, such as relax and consume, time that car manufacturers intend to make the most of.


A commercial approach


Disney and its Walt Disney Imagineering service were only too happy to accept Audi’s invitation. “They’re very heavy into building experiences for customers,” said Wollny. And they were highly interested in what happens in cars in the future.” In pooling their resources, the US entertainment giant and Audi are positioning themselves in the in-car entertainment market of the future, though Disney has yet to say anything on the subject.

While it is impossible to say whether the result of their collaboration will take the form of a navigation aid or a platform for gaming, movies or augmented reality, Audi has a very detailed vision. There will be a commercialization or business approach behind it,said Wollny. “It’s not something where two friends come together to start something vague, and say, ‘Maybe it’s not, maybe it is.’ It’s very specific. We have a very specific plan.”


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