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Sep 24, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Autonomous cars: Apple invents an augmented reality windscreen

Having made a series of patent applications relating to its secret autonomous vehicle project, Apple is developing an augmented reality windscreen that will enhance passenger safety in the future iCar and that of other road users.

Apple’s Project Titan for autonomous cars is seemingly gathering pace, with the company having recruited a number of managers and engineers from Waymo and Tesla and also made a series of applications for car and autonomous technology patents. Among them is a prototype for an augmented reality windscreen, lodged in early August, as reported by the website Tom Travel.


Comprehensive data


Apple’s windscreen of the future will be used to bring up useful journey information: routes, distance to the next turn, possible obstacles, and traffic updates.

The patent mentions the presence of internal and external sensors that enable the display of data relating to the operator, such as fatigue and drowsiness, and weather conditions, as reported by specialist website Patently Apple. Passengers will also have use of a device enabling drivers to make FaceTime calls to each other.


Warnings for other road users


A second patent complementing the first was lodged in late August, with the tech giant also envisaging the ability of the iCar to warn other road users, pedestrians and drivers of its movements, as reported by Futura Sciences.

In addition to conventional indicators, the iCar will have other signalling capabilities that can alert, for example, other motorists of the distance to the next turn or the presence of an obstacle on the road. The patent also refers to system of visual or sound indicators for parking manoeuvres conducted by the autonomous car.



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