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Nov 15, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

AutoPro: The new smart platform from GlobalFoundries for their automotive customers

AutoPro ­– a technology and service-provider for the automotive industry – was recently unveiled by its parent company, GlobalFoundries, which specialises in semi-conductors. The California-based firm intends to put its decade of experience in a high-growth sector to good use to offer its customers a product adapted to new market needs, including those created by smart vehicles.

On 12 October, semi-conductor specialists GlobalFoundries, headquartered in California, unveiled their new platform aimed at customers in the automotive sector. AutoPro is designed to help users reduce delays that can arise when trying to bring a new product onto the market.


Combination of high-tech and specialised services


According to its press release, GlobalFoundries will leverage its decade-long experience in the automotive market to provide both high technology and services solutions which target the production phase.

The platform "offers a wide range of technologies and services adapted to the complexities and specific needs of applications which enable the development of connected and smart vehicles," explained Gregg Bartlett, GlobalFoundries’ vice-president of electronic components. "Cars are quickly becoming ever more autonomous, and both manufacturers and parts suppliers are perfecting new types of integrated circuits."


High growth market


Consequently, the market for automotive semi-conductors, which currently sits at around 35 billion dollars (30 billion euros) could be as much as 54 billion dollars (46 billion euros) by 2023. The catalyst for this growth is the need to develop new technologies to meet demand from drivers of smart vehicles in terms of navigation, driving aids and remote assistance.


Available on three continents


AutoPro, which was created by GlobalFoundries engineers to meet these very needs, is now available in Europe, Asia and the United States. It can also come with a service package which the company says will "constantly improve quality and reliability throughout the lifespan of the product". GlobalFoundries has an impressive customer list, including German manufacturer Audi, whose head of semi-conductor strategy, Berthold Hellenthal, explained the reasons why they had chosen to work with their US counterparts.

"As we strive to provide a unique mobility experience, now more than ever we need a strong semi-conductor manufacturer as one of our partners. Globalfoundries' automotive range and programmes are (…) crucial as we look to develop a new generation of on-board electronic equipment as quickly as possible and with a focus on security," Hellenthal said in the press release.



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