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Jun 1, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Business travel: AirPlus delivers its forecasts for 2018

Business travel is set to increase in 2018, according to the 13th International Travel Management Study (ITMS) published by AirPlus, although the French market is only set to benefit moderately from the rise.


The latest International Travel Management Study (ITMS) from AirPlus, which specialises in payment and reporting solutions, was published on 2 May and features results from a panel of 3,000 travel managers and business travellers from 24 countries around the world. The study is a good barometer of business travel, and the results of this 13th edition, entitled "Business travel continues to grow in 2018", are on the optimistic side according to Business travel website.


Increase in bookings


Over a third (36%) of travel managers surveyed by AirPlus say that 2018 will see a rise in business travel bookings for their companies. This optimism varies based on the market in question, with the UK still at the mercy of its exit from the European Union.

"UK travel managers are worried about the future consequences that Brexit will have on the evolution of business travel," the ITMS report states. "The percentage of optimists who anticipate an increase is down from 50% to 30%, while the pessimists have gone up from 11% to 17%."


Dynamic growth in emerging countries


The expected rise will not be particularly felt in France – a market with growth limited to 18% and described as "modest" by the study. That figure is still slightly up compared with 2017 – "a sign that morale is returning".

The most dynamic markets for business travel are expected to be India, with 70% of positive responses, Brazil (55%) and China (54%). Of the more developed countries, the USA continues to demonstrate robust health according to AirPlus, which said: "43% of travel managers expect another growth in business travel after a record year in 2017, with 71% of forecasts showing a rise".


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