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Jul 6, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Business travel: AirPod, the connected capsules that allow you to rest in airports

The company AirPod is planning to install a dozen or so Sleeping Pods across Europe over the summer. Thanks to these connected capsules, business travellers will be able to rest or work in comfort between flights.  


Slovenian company AirPod – no connection with the wireless Apple headphones of the same name –  have announced that they will install their Sleeping Pods in several European airports and train stations over the coming months, reports website Tom Travel.

Designed to answer business travellers’ needs, these individual and connected sleeping capsules aim to make these travellers’ journeys less punishing by offering a comfortable cocoon in which they can rest or even work in peace.


WiFi, touch screens and luggage storage


“It had become necessary to create a concept that would make the waiting time more enjoyable for both business and leisure travellers," explains AirPod co-founder, Grega Mrgole, in a press release. “There’s also a young category on the rise, which is mostly active in big cities where people are very fast paced and work all day, and because of that are in need of a secret place to relax and have a nap.”

The press release also reports that the future AirPod capsules, which are currently being manufactured, will be equipped with broadband WiFi, Amazon Fire TV, a selection of touch-screen monitors to access flight information, and luggage storage. Inside the pod, the traveller can change their seat into a bed, and the pod also has an air conditioning and air purifying system. Finally, a noise reducer will enable the user to switch off completely, as though they were cut off from the rest of the world.


Pods based on comfort… and the Blockchain


These Sleeping Pods, which will be available to hire for around 15 euros per hour, should also enable investors to earn some money thanks to the Blockchain. AirPod have based their product on this technology and have also created their own crypto-currency, called APOD.

If the promises made by the Slovenian company are to be believed, any resident of the European Union will be able to sponsor an AirPod unit from the end of the system’s first year of launch, and thus earn up to 80% of the profits generated by their pod. The first AirPod capsules are set to make their debut in European airports this summer.


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