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Oct 6, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Business travel and technology: Business travellers want to manage their trips using each and all of their devices

To gain time and increase productivity, business travellers would prefer to use all digital platforms available to manage their trips, and only deal with a third party in the event of a problem, according to a study published on 11 July by Egencia. The study also shows that travellers from the USA are more demanding than their counterparts from other countries…

Business travellers

When it comes to business trips, travellers just want to use the one platform that they can access from all of their devices, in an attempt both to gain time and increase productivity. This is the conclusion reached by the "Business Travel and Technology" study published on 11 July and carried out by Egencia, which is the business travel wing of the Expedia group.

Accessibility is a major issue, with 66% of business travellers from around the world wanting to manage and book their trips using any of their mobile devices, and not just their smartphones.


No wish to have to deal with anyone


US business travellers are even more demanding, with 76% expressing a preference for multi-device management and booking. This need for independence is underlined by another wish, namely not having to deal with anyone in person.

50% of those surveyed around the world said that they avoided interaction with a third party during travel. On the other hand, they are much less anti-social when they encounter a problem, and indeed in this case, they prefer being able to speak to someone.


"At a crossroads when it comes to business travel"


According to the study, 56% say that all they want is access to business travel tools to give them wider usage on mobile devices as a general rule.

"We are at a crossroads when it comes to business travel, where autonomous products are no longer enough,” explained Rob Greyber, CEO of Egencia. "Business travellers’ expectations are more demanding than ever. They want to be able to access information at a glance, and manage travel using all of their devices while still being completely autonomous."

Business travellers seem to be optimistic as a rule and see technology potentially playing a more prominent role in improving their working lives. 48% would like to use text messaging to update their trips – a figure that is as high as 63% for those from the USA. 43% think that leaps forward in artificial intelligence (IA) will improve their trips (55% for US business travellers).

Other interesting statistics are revealed by the study. 49% of business travellers think that in-flight Wi-Fi would improve their productivity. 37% book hotels other than those recommended by their company since they cannot find "official" accommodation close enough to their destination. Paperwork is another problem, with 23% of business travellers looking to spend less time submitting their expenses, the study says. Other services that business travellers say would improve their levels of comfort and productivity include extra holidays to compensate for trips over week-ends and/or personal free time and upgrades for flights over six hours.


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