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Jul 18, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Business travel: Sabre launch a virtual payment system for business trips

Companies in Asia Pacific will soon be able to optimise their business travel expenses thanks to a virtual, flexible and secure payment system developed by Sabre. More practical both for companies and for business travellers, this new tool should also make the transactions more secure. 


In partnership with Conferma, a company that specialises in the development of dematerialised payment systems, Sabre have developed a virtual payment solution with the aim of making transactions for business trips more secure. Called “Sabre Virtual Payments”, this system has already been adopted by Corporate Travel Management (CTM) Singapore, reports Tom Travel.


Single-use virtual payment cards 


In addition to their GetThere reservation tool, Sabre are now providing TMCs with a new platform called Sabre Red Workspace. Companies can sign up to create a single-use virtual payment card, which can be used to book a hotel or flight, or even to pay agency fees. 

Sent directly to the business traveller’s smartphone via Tripcase, this card can only be used for a single transaction. A new virtual card must be generated by the collaborator for every additional operation. Thanks to this procedure, companies can ensure a high level of security for all their transactions. 


More secure transactions


“With this solution, Sabre delivers an innovative tool that addresses the need for simple, safe and reliable transactions to take place between agents, travellers and suppliers,” said Jason Toothman, vice-president of Sabre Travel Network Asia-Pacific. Already compatible with around thirty banking partners, the Sabre Virtual Payments solution is an additional payment method for business travellers or agencies. The system is currently available in Australia, Hong Kong, India, New Zealand and Singapore, and is set to be rolled out across the whole Asia Pacific region over the next few months. 

The aim of Sabre Virtual Payments is to help companies to optimise their business trips and make their transactions more secure. “Sabre Virtual Payments was easily integrated into our processes,” affirmed Eugene Tan, general manager at CTM Singapore, who is already convinced by the system. “In fact, we improved our booking efficiency by 30 to 40 percent while driving revenue growth.”


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