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Feb 3, 2020,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Business Travel: Supertripper, the 100%-digital solution for managing business trips

French company Supertripper and its online business travel management platform are enjoying a boom. The portal is the first in France to give travellers the chance to book, cancel and change train tickets without having to visit the website of the SNCF (France’s national rail network operator) or a travel agency.

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Train tickets sold by SNCF, France’s national rail network operator, can now be cancelled or changed using an online platform called Supertripper. A first in the country’s business travel industry, the portal makes it easier for companies to manage their employees’ travel arrangements. As reported by travel industry website Le Quotidien du Tourisme, the site has been approved by SNCF.


Bookings, cancellations and changes


As well as giving companies the freedom to change tickets, Supertripper is also useful when it comes to making bookings. The prices and conditions offered at the time of purchase are the same as those available on SNCF’s official website. Plane tickets, hire cars and hotel rooms are also on offer through Supertripper.

Bookings can be cancelled or changed in just a few clicks, with the platform’s software notifying users of any charges incurred along the way. Supertripper also allows companies to record all their business travel expenditure in a single tool, making it easier for them to manage their budget.


A company on the up


Supertripper, which also offers business travel consultancy and analysis services, is currently enjoying month-on-month growth of 20%. “We are proud to be industry pioneers,” said the company’s CEO Maxime Pialat.

The portal is aiming to become the business travel management tool of choice for French SMEs. Pialat is hoping to achieve that by making travel “an experience that is equally enriching for travellers and companies alike, with no obligations”.


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