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Dec 14, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Business travel: the 50 best airports for remote work

The authors of a study have ranked the 50 airports in the world with the best facilities for business travellers in transit. The hubs at Tokyo Narita (Japan), Bangkok (Thailand) and Moscow Sheremetyevo (Russia) make up the top three, while Atlanta airport (USA) is at the bottom of the pile. Roissy – Charles de Gaulle comes in 21st.

Of the 50 airports in the world with the most people travelling for business, not all have the same facilities available for remote working. Teleconferencing specialists Powwownow have published a study which outlines what is available to business travellers in these airports, with the Tokyo Narita hub topping the table, as reported by French website Voyages d’Affaires.


Airports in Japan, Thailand and Russia leading the way


While it may get less traffic than some of the other airports that were analysed, Tokyo Narita proved to be very popular with the authors of the study thanks to its 30 lounges. The Japanese hub came in just ahead of Suvarnabhumi airport in Bangkok (Thailand), while Sheremetyevo in Moscow (Russia) rounded out the podium.

For the purposes of the ranking, business travel experts evaluated the facilities made available to professional travellers in each airport. The results of the study showed that all of the hubs provided free Wi-Fi access with the exception of El Prat. Fortunately for that airport, located in Barcelona (Spain), eight out of ten passengers described it as a pleasant place, giving it the best score in that particular category.


Important criteria


The authors of the study also gave out marks for the quality of the services and the punctuality of the flights. Roissy – Charles de Gaulle just north of Paris was the only French airport to feature among the 50 and was ranked in 21st spot, with an overall mark of 6.3 out of 10.

Atlanta (USA) brought up the rear and was the least favoured location by those carrying out the study, despite the fact that it is the busiest airport in the world. It has just 15 lounges, which struggle to meet the needs of the large number of business travellers who wish to go about their work whilst in transit. Atlanta was given a mark of 5.1 out of 10, putting it just behind London Gatwick (UK) in the list.


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