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Feb 12, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Cadillac: first 100% electric model an SUV with a futuristic design

Cadillac has unveiled its first 100% electric SUV, and while the technical details were kept firmly under wraps, the vehicle has already got tongues wagging both for its original style and for its innovative construction. It will be produced on General Motors' new modular electric platform – a feature that is set to allow the group to significantly accelerate production of its future models by 2021.

Photo and cover photo credits: Cadillac

Manufacturing electric models across its range is the new priority of General Motors, with Cadillac the first in line. The prestigious US brand, which already has two rechargeable hybrid models, announced the launch of a 100% electric SUV in a press release on 13 January.

While the name of the vehicle has not yet been made public, what is known is that it will be built on the new General Motors development platform, French website Numerama reports. This innovative and flexible new system from GM is aimed at producing a range of electric models, "allowing the company to rapidly satisfy the preferences of the consumer". 

First vehicle designed via the GM modular platform 

The "BEV3"modular platform, which the Cadillac SUV will be the first to use, will enable General Motors' future electric vehicles to be rolled out in two-wheel drive versions (front and rear wheel) and four-wheel drive. Different engine capacities and levels of autonomy will also be possible based on the needs of the client. Over the coming years, the platform will enable the group to rapidly develop other electric models by varying the size and type of bodywork, from smaller crossovers to large seven-seater SUVs.

"Cadillac electric vehicles will go right to the heart of the multi-segment vehicle market and meet the needs of customers from around the world," said Steve Carlisle, CEO of the company, as he announced an ultra-aggressive strategy between now and 2021 with a new model unveiled every six months.

A premium electric SUV with a contemporary look

Cadillac chose the North American International Auto Show in Detroit in January to unveil two visuals for its future electric SUV. The vehicle boasts an original style with sharp, futuristic angles, most notably a very aggressive bumper, more discreet radiator grill and front headlights with a great deal of finesse. Apart from its distinctive aesthetics, no information has yet been given out regarding the future technical characteristics of the car which "will represent luxury and innovation by putting Cadillac at the forefront of mobility". Production is set to start in 2022.

The Cadillac electric SUV is looking to compete with the Audi e-tron, Jaguar I-Pace and Mercedes EQC, as well as the forthcoming Ford electric SUV which will feature a version of the legendary Mustang design. General Motors – via Chevrolet and the success of the Bolt – have already become of the market-leaders in the electric car market over recent years, with sales of over 200,000 in the USA, breaking the previous record held by Tesla. 

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