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Jan 22, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

CES 2018: Nissan to develop cars that read drivers’ minds

CES 2018 saw Japanese carmaker Nissan unveil its Brain-to-Vehicle technology, which allows cars to read the minds of their drivers.

Having previously kept its cards close to its chest when it comes to autonomous cars, Japanese carmaker Nissan unveiled its ground-breaking Brain-to-Vehicle technology (B2V) at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018 in Las Vegas (7-12 January), showcasing it in the shape of a YouTube video and a driving simulator.

Developed internally, B2V is designed to help drivers make better decisions at the wheel on the basis of the electrical impulses produced by their brains. The system has been developed for all types of vehicles, both autonomous and otherwise.



An intelligent system capable of anticipating driver actions


Nissan’s research teams have been analysing the brain activity of drivers to develop an algorithm capable of assessing the time that elapses between the moment a decision is taken and when the action is performed. In doing so, they came up with a wearable device that measures the driver’s brain wave activity and connects them to the car. In analysing the data, the intelligent Brain-to-Vehicle system takes just 300 milliseconds to tell the car what the driver is going to do. 

The research conducted by the Japanese carmaker seeks to improve vehicle behaviour and thereby enhance driver-car interactions. The Brain-to-Vehicle system anticipates intended movement to optimise driving during braking, cornering, accelerating and reversing manoeuvres. The aim is to offer “a much more enjoyable autonomous driving experience”, explains Lucian Gheorges, an innovation researcher with Nissan. 


Assisted driving, based on the human factor


Unlike some car manufacturers, among them Google subsidiary Waymo, whose ultimate goal is the driverless car, Nissan has a more gradual take on the future, with its Nissan Intelligent Mobility projects focused on the human factor. 

The Brain-to-Vehicle device is also able to detect any driver discomfort and respond by changing the driving style. It also boasts an enhanced environment.


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