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Jan 25, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

CES 2018: Samsung unveiled a pair of augmented reality glasses for the visually impaired

The Korean manufacturer chose to present three projects at the Consumer Electronics Show 2018, including Relúmĭno, a prototype pair of augmented reality glasses whose aim is to improve the day-to-day life of the visually-impaired.   

C-Lab or “Creative Lab” – Samsung’s innovation programme – presented three new projects at the recent CES 2018 (held from 7th to 12th January in Las Vegas): a portable directional speaker system, a recovery solution for people who have experienced lung damage, and a pair of smart visual aid glasses to help people with vision challenges.

Called Relúmĭno, like the app the company presented at the MWC in Barcelona in February 2017, these glasses offer the same functions as the app as well as being able to process images in real time without the need for a smartphone camera.


Glasses based on the Gear VR Relúmĭno app


Samsung’s new prototype is based on the Gear VR Relúmĭno app, which was unveiled last year and is designed for the visually-impaired, including short-sighted people. It offers the same functions as the app, only the user wears a simple pair of glasses instead of the Samsung Gear VR virtual reality headset. It automatically makes images clearer, brighter and enhances their colours.

The Relúmĭno glasses also enable people suffering from a loss of central vision to see better thanks to remapping. They can be used to zoom in and out, as well as to take screen grabs. Finally, they are equipped with a colour-inversion function, which makes it easier to read text.

Real-time image processing thanks to its integrated camera


The Relúmĭno glasses are not only more discreet and easy to wear than a virtual reality headset, they also offer one big improvement: real-time image processing. They have an integrated camera and are connected up to the user’s smartphone (Samsung Galaxy). The images filmed by the camera are sent to the telephone and analysed by its processor. Once processed, they are updated in real time to the glasses’ screen, showing the user a clearer and brighter image.

However, this prototype is not due on the market for another few years. The C-Lab programme was launched in 2012 to enable Samsung employees to dedicate their time to personal projects as well as their primary job. This means that the prototypes created in these projects, which are not official Samsung products, will not all end up being mass manufactured.


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