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Jan 28, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

China: A manufacturer markets an electric car for less than 10,000 euros

The ORA R1 has just been launched onto the Chinese electric vehicle market. This small, toy-like car, designed for city driving, is the latest creation from Great Wall Motors. The vehicle looks likely to win over a great number of city-dwellers, namely thanks to its competition-slaying price.

China’s fast-growing electric vehicle market recently welcomed a new addition. Great Wall Motors, who are already well-known for their SUVs, announced the launch of an electric city car in a press release on 27th December. Called ORA R1, this car stands out thanks to both its original design and its price tag, which is between 59,800 and 77,800 yuan (between 7,600 and 10,000 euros) when you subtract any financial incentives, reports Numerama.

An electric run-around that looks like a toy

Described as a “Playskool toy” by many media, the ORA R1 does look rather unusual: it is a rounded cube with front headlights that look like eyes. Available in five colours (white, blue, sky blue, black/white and white/blue), this little electric car cannot go faster than 100 km/h with its 35 kW engine, which is specifically designed for urban driving.

It offers enough autonomy for driving around the city. A full charge should allow the car to run for just over 300 kilometres, which adheres to the NEDC (New European Driving Cycle) regulations. Most drivers should easily be able to get from home to work and back, or complete other everyday journeys.

A number of functions for an affordable price 

Despite its affordable price and toy-like appearance, Great Wall Motors’ new car offers high-quality fittings, including a large screen, if the manufacturer’s photos are to be believed. It is also said to be spacious and equipped with a number of intelligent functions. 

The ORA R1 is already available in China, and its competition-beating price tag is combined with a three-year or 120,000-kilometre warranty.

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Cover photo credits: Great Wall Motors

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