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Nov 6, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

China: BIM playing a part in construction of the world’s largest planetarium

The world’s largest planetarium is currently being built near the Chinese city of Shanghai, all with the aid of building information modelling (BIM), a revolutionary technique that structures the whole project around a unique, shared digital 3D model. The technology shortens lead times, reduces the risk of errors, and optimises costs.

The future planetarium of the new city of Lingang, near Shanghai, will be entirely built using a digital 3D model shared by the various parties involved in its construction. China is making use of this innovative technology with a view to cutting lead times in major construction projects, as reported by BFMTV.


Subsidised projects


With the emergence of building information modelling (BIM), the building and public works sector is undergoing a profound revolution, with construction project stakeholders now able to work together thanks to virtual models, an innovation that offers a number of advantages. Beijing’s aim is to make all construction projects 100% digital by making use of BIM in all phases of the process, from design through to maintenance. 

“Large-scale public projects that use a 3D model instead of paper receive government grants,” said Thomas Daubigny, head of digital transformation at Bureau Veritas, a company that is overseeing compliance with construction and safety regulations at the planetarium site.


Detection of anomalies


“Every two days, a drone flies over the site and takes photos that show how the project is progressing,” explained Daubigny. “They are then compared by the human eye with the 3D model to check for any discrepancy between the two. Image recognition will soon enable the automatic detection of any comparison anomalies.”

The use of a single model shared by all site stakeholders also enables the creation of emergency evacuation simulation models. Any defects in the building can then be identified in advance, allowing plans to be amended.


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