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Oct 19, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

China to open world’s first underground hotel in an abandoned quarry

Built into the side of an abandoned quarry and due to welcome its first guests in October, the Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland is a unique hotel, lying largely below ground level. It will still offer magnificent views, however, as well as luxury services for its customers.

The luxurious Intercontinental Shanghai Wonderland, which opens in October, will be the first hotel in the world to stand largely underground. The 5-star establishment has been built into the sides of the Shenkeng Quarry in Songjiang, around 30 kilometres from Shanghai (China), as reported by the website Travel & Leisure. The abandoned quarry provided the hotel’s architects with a rich source of inspiration.


16 underground floors


The whole project took ten years to complete and involved a team of 5,000 designers, engineers, architects and workers.

The hotel at the heart of the complex comprises 337 rooms, while 16 of its 18 floors are technically beneath the ground. From their rounded balconies guests will be able to admire the quarry’s rocky walls and the man-made lake at its bottom.


Water, water everywhere


The hotel’s two lowest floors are positioned beneath the lake. The rooms, restaurant, and sports complex – complete with a swimming pool – situated on these floors all look out to an aquarium. Water is a key feature of this groundbreaking hotel, which also has a waterfall running through its centre and into the bottom of the quarry.

Though the hotel has yet to announce its prices, a stay within its walls is unlikely to be cheap.  


Environmentally friendly


The inventiveness of the architects should ensure plenty of visitors, as will the proximity of two major tourist attractions: the Chenshan Botanic Gardens and Sheshan National Park.

The Shanghai Wonderland has a lot more going for it, however, not least the innovations implemented to reduce its impact on the environment. As well as making use of geothermal and solar energy to create power for its own heat and lighting, the hotel also boasts a roof covered in greenery.


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