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Jan 13, 2020,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Connected health: Amazon’s Alexa can now remind users to take their medicines

Alexa, Amazon’s voice assistant, can now remind you to take your pills and order your repeat prescriptions, a service the company is rolling out to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers in the USA.

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Amazon is stepping up its efforts to break into the connected health market, through its voice assistant Alexa. The US giant has just announced a partnership with American pharmaceutical firm Omnicell, as reported by the website Engadget on Wednesday 27 November.


Automatic repeat prescriptions 


Thanks to the partnership, Alexa will have some new features, including the ability to remind users to take their medicines, which should prove useful for the absent-minded. The reminders can be set for specific times of the day, such as meal times.

The voice assistant can also order repeat prescriptions when users’ stocks are running low, contacting their local pharmacy directly and placing the order for them. These new features are currently available only to Giant Eagle Pharmacy customers in the US states of West Virginia and Pennsylvania. Other pharmacy chains are set to join the partnership in 2020, as reported by Engadget.


The issue of data confidentiality 


In seeking to reassure customers about their personal data and privacy protection, Amazon allows them to control the level of confidentiality and to make access to their medical data secure. According to Engadget, Alexa will only provide access to medical files if it understands the user’s voice and the correct PIN is used.

Amazon added that health-related information is redacted to maintain privacy, while voice recordings can be deleted at any time through the Alexa app.


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