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Jun 9, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Connected health: MyHealthApp users applaud its telemedicine service

A recent Allianz Worldwide Partner survey carried out among its policy-holders showed that the majority of users of MyHealthApp, the group's app for healthcare on the go, rated the app positively. Above all, users said they appreciated being able to contact a healthcare professional at any time of the day or night, and they also showed an interest in certain services that are not yet available, such as home medicine delivery. 



The concept of MyHealthApp − a smartphone application that, among other things, enables users to consult a doctor remotely 24/7 − was rated positively by the majority of participants in a survey carried out by Allianz Worldwide Care among its insurance policy-holders.


In November and December 2016, an email questionnaire was sent out to clients who had taken out Allianz Worldwide Care international health insurance. The results, based on 400 responses, showed that 47% of users asked said they were 76% in agreement with this kind of telemedicine service. 47% said their opinion of this service was "positive" and 31% said it was "very positive". In total, 78% of people asked said they had been won over by the idea.



Reassuring availability


Users of the MyHealthApp primarily applauded the fact that healthcare professionals are permanently available online (88% of people surveyed). Next came the time-saving aspect (74.4%), the fact that they could get reassurance quickly in the event of a problem (41.2%), and the option of being put in contact with a doctor who can speak their native language (31.9%).


These aspects are so important to the customers surveyed that 61% of them said they would use the service even if it did not allow for the prescription or delivery of medicines. Such is their faith in the app that 71% of Allianz clients who replied to the questionnaire agreed that they would not hesitate to follow the medical advice given by a doctor during remote appointments.


New functions to be added


The other services that MyHealthApp might offer users in the future (in addition to putting users in contact with a doctor online) also generated great interest among users: a large majority of the people surveyed said that they would use these new services if they became available. Among these new functions are an online appointment-making system coupled with text message reminders, home delivery of medicines, electronic medical files, and even a virtual vaccination calendar that alerts clients when their vaccinations are due.  


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