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Aug 5, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Connected home: Introducing Moley, a robot that does your cooking for you!

The Moley cooking robot can accurately mimic the actions of a chef, so it can do your cooking for you.


A new British company, Moley Robotics, is behind Moley, a robot prototype that is able to mimic the actions of a master chef using its two mechanical arms. Equipped with software that recognises ingredients and copies movements, Moley is able to learn recipes just by watching cookery videos. This innovation is the first of its kind.


Moley can mimic a chef's actions


In theory, just one viewing of a recipe is enough to enable Moley to copy it, thanks to its self-teaching technology inspired by how the human brain functions (convolutional neural network). But, would it be best to show the robot how to cook the recipe yourself, to avoid the risk of it doing it wrong? There is no need: the robot comes with a list of recipes pre-programmed by Moley Robotics, which the robot has "learned" through demonstrations from a professional chef.

Moley is not yet able to move around by itself, so you will need to buy all your ingredients and place them on the work surface. The image recognition software and two articulated arms will do the rest!


On the market in 2018


Moley Robotics are planning on commercialising a more compact version of this cooking robot in 2018. The current Moley − which is a bulky prototype that has only really mastered one recipe (crab bisque) − must first complete its "training".  

There are still a certain number of adjustments to be made: the robot must learn to substitute ustensils and ingredients from the previously-viewed recipe if those provided do not look exactly the same as the original, using technology similar to that used by Google to caption images. Moley should then be able to recognise objects and actions using its accumulated knowledge.  

The final version of Moley Robotics' cooking robot will be priced between €10,000 and €15,000.

For the time being, we do not know whether the Moley robot's cooking is any good, and it is still very expensive, but some are already predicting that robots will soon play a central role in the catering industry, especially the fast-food industry, as well as in other fields. Should we be concerned?


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