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A start-up by the name of Orii has developed a smart ring which enables the wearer to send and receive messages by simply placing a finger on their ear and then interact with their smartphone. It is already so successful that the initial run has sold out...

What if all you had to do was touch your ear to take a call? This is the concept behind the Smart Ring, a connected ring developed by a Hong Kong-based start-up called Orii. It is more discreet than a Bluetooth earpiece, and uses bone conduction – a technology that is taking the world of connected devices by storm.


Transform your finger into an extension of your smartphone


The Smart Ring is equipped with a Bluetooth connection and two noise-cancelling microphones, enabling the user to make calls and send messages. To take a call, it could not be simpler – all you have to do is put your finger on your ear, according to the Objet Connecté website. 

The same principle applies for messages: when wearing the ring, simply touch your ear to hear an audio version of incoming messages. The Bluetooth connection enables the ring to inform the wearer of new messages via a luminous notification system without even having to take your telephone out of your pocket. 


Rechargeable and waterproof


Regarding practical data, the Smart Ring has a battery life of 48 hours but is only good for one and a half hours of calls. It can be recharged in an hour and is of course waterproof, meaning that it does not have to be removed when you wash your hands.

Lastly, the Smart Ring contains noise-cancelling microphones to enable the wearer to make calls in any situation, including in a loud environment. It also has a smart vocal assistant. 


Successful financing via Kickstarter


This new connected device seems to have a bright future ahead of it with over 2.1 million euros (2.5 million dollars) in investment capital, financed in part via the Kickstarter platform. Indeed, over 3,000 contributors around the world have helped to get the Orii Smart Ring off the ground.

The "super ring" will sell for 101 euros (119 dollars) and be made in six different sizes and four colours – grey, silver, red and black. Potential purchasers will have to be patient however since the brand’s website says that it is currently sold out. 


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