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Buoyed by the success of a crowdfunding campaign that has helped them bring the floating hot tub to the UK, two entrepreneurs will shortly be operating on a London canal, offering their customers a new place to meet up, have fun or simply chill out.


If you’re thinking of heading to London this summer, then you might just catch sight of a Hot Tug, a floating hot tub designed to offer Londoners and visitors alike lots of bubbly fun on the water. The brainchild of Stuart “Tommo” Thomson and Jack Clegg, who have launched the business following a hugely successful crowdfunding campaign, the craft will shortly be navigating the city’s Regent’s Canal.


€35,000 raised


The 35-day campaign, which came to a close on Tuesday, saw the pair raise more than £30,400 (nearly €35,000). Some 221 donors showed their faith in the project, with each of them receiving different rewards in exchange, depending on the size of their pledges. Rewards include a Hot Tug captain’s hat, invitations to the launch party on 21 July, naming rights for one of the craft and a VVIP Hot Tug experience and perks.


A floating bath holding 1,800 litres of water at 38ºC


Thomson, who spotted the concept on a trip to Rotterdam (NED) five years ago, and Clegg describe the customer experience as "unique". Sessions last 90 minutes, with customers travelling along the canal at 6 kmh, while lounging in a motor-powered tub filled with 1,800 litres of water heated to 36ºC by a wood-burning stove at the bow of the boat.

Made in the Netherlands, Hot Tugs can accommodate up to seven people. Customers looking for a little more can sign up for the VVIP experience, which comes complete with a hat, ice bucket, dressing gowns and towels.



The two entrepreneurs are targeting a broad clientele: groups of friends looking for an original way to party, companies looking for a new location for their work events, and couples who see a trip on the Hot Tug as the perfect date. And as Thomson told the Evening Standard, Hot Tugs are perfectly safe: "Because they’re already full of water, they're basically impossible to sink."


Sailing all year round


Thomson and Clegg intend to operate their Hot Tugs all year round. "It’s actually more fun in the winter. There’s nothing better than being in the hot water when it’s freezing out," said Thomson, who, along with his business partner, now has exclusive rights for all Hot Tugs across the whole of the UK and Ireland. 


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