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Jan 12, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

CWT Study: Behaviour and preferences of Millennial business travellers

A new study led by Carlson Wagonlit Travel, entitled CWT Connected Traveler Study, focuses on the preferences of “Millennials” in terms of business travel. 

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A new study, the CWT Connected Traveler Study, has recently been carried out by the Artemis Strategy Group at the request of Carlson Wagonlit Travel. Surveying a panel of 1,900 travellers from 16 different countries, it showed that business travellers from the Millennial generation – i.e. between 24 and 34 years of age – tend to be more sociable and more concerned about their safety than travellers from older generations.


They favour travelling in a group


While 58% of business travellers from Generation X (i.e. aged 35 to 51) prefer to travel alone, like 71% of “Baby Boomers”, most Millennials (58%) would rather travel with other people. This might be with other colleagues (43%) or with friends or family members (15%).

This difference in behaviour is something that corporate travel agencies should consider, as it would be profitable for them to promote their group travel offers. 


Young but careful travellers


The survey also showed that Millennials tend to be more careful and more organised when they travel. While less than 40% of Generation X and Baby-Boom members surveyed take out travel insurance, nearly half of all Millennials (49%) make sure they are covered. Furthermore, whether due to geopolitical conflict, social crisis, natural disasters or other reasons connected with the safety of their destination, a third of all Millennials have already cancelled or postponed a trip.

In order to gain loyalty from this new generation, corporate travel agencies must take into account all security concerns and offer services that prioritise safety. They must promote their insurance contracts, but should also provide an interactive map that shows the most dangerous countries and areas to visit, which is updated automatically according to the current situation. 


A connected generation


The CWT Connected Traveler Study showed that Millennials have a very particular relationship with new technologies: where 51% of Baby-Boom travellers and 44% of those from Generation X use a telephone to contact their friends and family, only 17% of Millennials choose this form of contact. By far, they prefer to use Skype messaging.

However, when communicating with work colleagues, all three generations adopt the same behaviour, with communications mainly over email. It is worth noting, however, that nearly a third of Millennials (30%) also use their phone for professional conversations.


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