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Aug 11, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Delta Air Lines launches Premium Economy class for its long-haul fleet

Delta Air Lines has launched "Premium Select" class on its new Airbus A350, with all of its long-haul craft set to offer Premium Economy class by 2021. reports that Delta Air Lines is set to offer a "Premium Select" class on all its long-haul flights. Until now, business travellers only had the option of Delta Comfort+ when booking domestic and international trips on the airline – a traditional economy class with a few advantages such as wider rows, a seat that could recline more and priority boarding. The overall option was more comfortable than traditional economy class but far from Premium Economy.


"Premium Select" – more comfort


"Premium Select" class, which is currently available on certain lines only, will offer seats that incline more than those in traditional economy class, wider rows, a large screen and a special catering service. Passengers will also have a separate check-in counter and enjoy priority boarding.

Delta Air Lines has only implemented "Premium Select" on around 10 lines at the moment, including Detroit to Beijing, Seoul, Shanghai and Tokyo, as well as Los Angeles – Atlanta and Detroit – Amsterdam. Travellers on the Paris – New York line will have to make do with Comfort+, despite the fact that this route is now served by an Airbus A350.


Entire fleet to offer "Premium Select" by 2021


The airline has however said that "Premium Select" class should be available on all of its long-haul flights by 2021. The fleet currently has Airbus A350s and Boeing 777s as well as Boeing 767s which have been in service for around 15 years now.

The market will no doubt appreciate this new offer which provides an interesting alternative to business class – often seen as too expensive – and economy class which most travellers find too uncomfortable.


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