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Jul 11, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Domino’s Pizza to trial driverless deliveries in Houston

US pizza delivery giant Domino’s Pizza is set to deploy a fleet of driverless vehicles in the streets of Houston this autumn, a new service that it is trialling in partnership with robotics company Nuro. 


The fast-food delivery industry is experiencing a revolution, with Domino’s Pizza, a world leader in pizza deliveries, joining the innovation race, as reported by the website Presse Citron. Having partnered with robotics company Nuro, the pizza giant will roll out a fleet of driverless vehicles in Houston, Texas.


No seats or steering wheels 


As of this autumn, Domino’s will use a specially designed autonomous car by the name of R2 to deliver pizza to its customers.  

The R2 has no seats or steering wheel, as reported by the website DailyGeekShow. The cars have a top speed of 40 km/h. 


A PIN code for collecting orders


Domino’s Pizza VP Kevin Vasconi describes the new service as “an additional delivery solution at peak periods”. The trial will give the company the opportunity to see how customers react to the innovation before potentially rolling it out to other major cities.   

According to Presse Citron, Domino’s Pizza new service will be used for customers placing online orders. After paying for their order and selecting the driverless delivery option, customers will be given a unique PIN code they must then use to open the vehicle’s pizza compartment when it arrives. 


A fast-evolving market 


Driverless delivery is enjoying a huge boom, with Nuro receiving $1bn in investment from Softbank this year. 

A number of home delivery initiatives have seen the light of day in recent times. In July, fast-food giant UberEats will begin trialling drone deliveries in San Diego, California. If successful, the service could be rolled out across the country. 


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