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Apr 30, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Dubai cars set to have smart connected licence plates

Authorities in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) are set to test smart licence plates on certain vehicles between May and November 2018. These connected devices would then be able to inform law enforcement agencies in case of theft and the emergency services in the event of an accident. They have also been designed to improve comfort in traffic and to save time for drivers.


The Road Transport Authority (RTA) in Dubai (United Arab Emirates) is set to fit certain vehicles with smart licence plates as part of a test being carried out from May – November 2018. These connected devices have been designed to ensure security for drivers faced with the risk of accidents and theft, and also to simplify their lives.


Connected to an app or a website 


According to the BBC, car owners will be able to use an online account linked to their vehicle registration to carry out various procedures, including renewing or changing the licence plate, paying for parking or even fines. These would all go via a mobile app or the RTA’s website.

The high-tech licence plate is also set to improve the comfort of drivers when in traffic. Data exchanged between connected modules will enable those at the wheel to get real-time traffic information and find out about incidents occurring in locations where they are heading.


Anti-theft system


In terms of security, the plates will also have an important role to play, flashing up alerts and informing the authorities and the owner in the event of the theft of the vehicle or of the plate itself.

According to the designers, this connected device could actually save lives by detecting accidents in real time. If a situation like this were to occur, the plate would immediately transmit a notification to the emergency services who could then intervene rapidly, saving precious minutes.


Sensors, GPS and digital display


The smart licence plates being tested are filled with sensors containing integrated GPS and with a screen for a digital display. The cost of the device has not yet been made public, with Sultan Abdullah al-Marzouqi, head of the vehicle registration department at the RTA, saying that it will be announced once the tests are over.

The trial period must also prove that the system functions correctly despite the sand and desert climate that cars in the UAE have to withstand. On the other hand, there is no indication of how the authorities will address the issue facing Dubai drivers in terms of the confidentiality of the data that will constantly be recorded by the plates.


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