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Feb 27, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

EasyJet: scan your carry-on baggage with an app to check its size

3D augmented reality is now coming to the EasyJet mobile application. A new functionality is set to enable travellers to scan their own hand luggage, with the UK airline hoping that their passengers will be able to avoid a nasty surprise or two when they come to board.


Both leisure and business travellers often run into difficulties when boarding comes around due to rules governing carry-on luggage, with the permitted dimensions varying from one airline to another.

To prevent any unpleasant surprises, EasyJet has decided to use augmented reality, according to French website By integrating this technology in its mobile application, the UK airline can now let its passengers scan their hand luggage themselves by using the camera on their smartphone. The dimensions are then analysed by the tool, which then confirms whether they will be authorised to travel with it or not. 


A simple and fun way to get ready for your trip


Initially, only those people who have smartphones using iOS will be able to benefit from this new functionality, which was developed using Apple’s ARKit 2 technology. Easy Jet is not the first airline to go down the augmented reality route, with KLM for example integrating a similar functionality in an application that it launched in September 2018.

"We are constantly looking for new ways of improving the experience that we offer to those who travel with us, and this technology is a perfect example of that," said a delighted François Bacchetta, CEO of EasyJet in France. "Using this technology makes getting ready for your trip simple and fun."

EasyJet had already tried to introduce a technological innovation in 2016 in the form of connected shoes called Sneakairs. A prototype was unveiled at the Barcelona Street Project and showed travellers guided by a system of vibrations generated by their trainers.


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