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A European Union spokesman has denied the rumours that Europe is intending to apply quotas of electric vehicles on automotive manufacturers. European decision-makers believe that they will not need to resort to such measures, although they still intend to create the right conditions to encourage the replacement of combustion engines with non-polluting models.


European Union decision-makers have no intention of imposing quotas of electric vehicles on automotive manufacturers. A spokesperson came out and clarified the EU’s position on the matter after a rumour published in the German Handelsblatt newspaper implied that a measure of this kind was likely to be implemented from 2025.

No discrimination between electric and combustion engines for the EU

"We do not wish to create a discrimination between the different technologies," the European Union representative said to Reuters, according to The information relayed by the German business daily had had a genuine impact, particularly in light of the fact that the EU has made no secret of its wish to encourage non-polluting cars, which would in turn help to phase out vehicles whose engines use fossil fuels.

Still looking to encourage the transition towards ecological vehicles 

Nevertheless, while the EU has come out and denied any intention of imposing quotas on manufacturers, the spokesman confirmed their wish to ease the transition towards vehicles and means of transport that respect the environment. "The Commission is generally studying ways of encouraging the use of modes of transport that are not carbon-intensive, but none of those measures includes quotas for electric cars," he indicated.

Similar measures already exist elsewhere in the world. In the USA, nine states – California, and eight others in the north-east of the country – have given automotive manufacturers sales target for electric cars. 

France and the UK looking to 2040

While the United Kingdom has not yet imposed quotas of this kind on manufacturers, the country has already taken steps towards a future without vehicles that pollute, announcing that sales of diesel and petrol vehicles will cease as of 2040. 

France has taken similar measures, with the Minister for Ecological and Solidary Transition Nicolas Hulot announcing last July that combustion-engined vehicles would cease production by 2040.


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