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Feb 26, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Electric cars: Tesla Model 3 named most popular electric car in 2018

With a 7% market share, the Model 3 topped the electric car sales rankings in 2018. Tesla’s top-of-the-range saloon also recorded the highest satisfaction rate. This positive performance could bring forward the car’s launch in Europe and China.

Photo and cover photo credits: Tesla

According to a study published by EV Volumes and CleanTechnica on 9th February, the electric car that notched up the most sales worldwide in 2018 was none other than the Model 3, the most affordable car in Tesla’s catalogue.

The report shows that, by selling a total of 145,846 cars over the course of last year, the premium compact saloon finished way ahead of its closest competitors, the Chinese BAIC EC-Series and the Japanese Nissan Leaf, which recorded 90,637 and 87,149 sales, respectively. This commercial success secured the Model 3 a 7% market share in the electric car sector, reports website Numerama.


The Model S and Model X both in the Top 5


Despite their shaky start, Tesla’s vehicles seem to have won everyone over. In addition to the Model 3, the Model S and Model X also feature in EV Volumes and CleanTechnica’s Top 5, which also includes rechargeable hybrid vehicles.

The Californian manufacturer seems to be well on the way to achieving their aim of mass-manufacturing electric cars with top-of-the-range services.


Tesla set their sights on Europe and China 


The electric car throne looks to have been secured by Tesla for the long term, if we consider that their Model 3 reached the top spot while it was still only available in North America. They should be able to further consolidate their position when the Model 3 is launched in Europe and China, as well as with the introduction of its planned 35,000 dollar version. Promised ever since the vehicle was first presented, this cheaper version of the Model 3 will be equipped with a reduced-capacity battery. 

Though Tesla’s bank balance is not yet showing the benefits, the Model 3’s commercial success – which goes hand in hand with an excellent satisfaction rate, says EV Volumes and CleanTechnica’s study – suggests a bright future for Elon Musk’s company. Will they manage to conquer France? Currently, France’s highest-selling electric car is the Renault Zoe, while the Nissan Leaf is the most popular in Europe, with 40,000 cars sold last year.


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