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Sep 5, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Electric cars: Tesla Model S 100D sets new range record

A new record for the range of a production electric vehicle was set in early August by a Tesla Model S 100D. Italian drivers managed to cover 1,078 kilometres on one battery charge, beating the previous mark of 901 kilometres. The conditions in which the record was set were rather different from the normal daily usage of a car, however.


On 3 - 4 August, the owners of a Tesla Model S 100D in Italy managed to drive for 29 hours at the wheel of their electric vehicle, covering 1,078 kilometres without having to recharge the car’s battery. This set a new record for the range of a production electric vehicle, and it was also the first time that the symbolic 1,000-kilometre barrier on one battery charge had been beaten.


175 kilometres more than the previous record


The previous record of 901.2 kilometres had been set last June in Belgium by a Tesla Model S P100D, according to Les (the French equivalent of Compare the Market). That means that these particular members of an Italian Tesla-owners club smashed the previous mark by some 175 kilometres. Elon Musk even took the time to congratulate the record-holders via his Twitter account the following day.



Elon Musk gets in on the act


"Officially verified as the first production electric car to exceed 1000 km on a single charge! Congratulations Tesla Owners Italia!!ʺ was the Tesla Motors CEO’s reaction to the exploits of the five drivers who took it in turns to set this new record, which was indeed validated by an independent judge.


Far from realistic conditions


It should be noted however that the conditions in which the Tesla was driven across Italy were totally different from those which everyday drivers of an electric car encounter. The drivers used a technique known as ʺhypermilingʺ, which saw them run at a constant speed of 40 km/h to limit the variations in energy consumption and use the brakes of the car as little as possible. The vehicle was also fitted with special low-rolling resistance tyres and with no air conditioning.



According to the Tesla website, the range of the battery on the Model S 100D is 551 kilometres – barely over half of the record set by the Italians. This figure is based on a simulation carried out in a more realistic context, with speeds of 100 km/h and the air conditioning being used, at an ambient temperature of 20 degrees.


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