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Jan 27, 2020,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Electric vehicles: Google Maps can now show you which stations are compatible with your car

Google Maps is looking to help its users get a better overview of the many and varied charging stations for electric vehicles, with US drivers now able to activate a filter which means that only those systems that are compatible with their model of vehicle are displayed.

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Google Maps has begun to display charging stations for electric vehicles – a new functionality which shows not only the location of the stations but also which type of plugs are available, website Android Police reports. There are various types of equipment for the different electric cars on the market, and this can cause a great deal of confusion, with Tesla, Nissan and Volkswagen all having separate electric connection systems for example.


Filter to ensure you avoid the wrong station


Drivers can now apply a filter on Google Maps so that only those stations that are compatible with their car will appear on the map, since not every site has all the different versions of charger.

The filter is currently only available in the USA however, as French website Numerama points out. In other countries, it is nevertheless still possible to select a charging station to see what kind of plugs it uses. This tool will likely prove to be very popular with the number of charging stations growing as the market for electric vehicles increases on the back of heightened environmental awareness.


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