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Jul 12, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

"Europe on the move": European Commission makes €2.7bn investment in new transport projects

The European Commission is investing €2.7bn in "Europe on the Move", a wide-ranging set of initiatives including 152 transport projects towards clean energy and digitalisation.


Calls for proposals launched in October 2016 yielded 349 projects accounting for €7.5bn of requested co-funding. The European Commission is set to invest €2.7bn in 152 transport projects supporting clean, competitive and connected mobility in Europe, says


A clean modernisation programme


EU Commissioner for Transport, Violeta Bulc, said: "The demand for investment in transport infrastructure is huge. This new wave of investment focuses on clean, innovative and digital projects to modernise Europe's transport network."

The projects selected will contribute to modernising rail lines, removing bottlenecks, improving cross-border connections, installing alternative fuel supply points and implementing innovative traffic management solutions. Made under the Connecting Europe Facility, the investment will unlock €4.7bn of public and private co-financing.

Chosen projects are mostly concentrated on the "core network", the long strategic sections of Europe's transport network, the aim being to ensure the highest impact. The projects will be co-financed at a rate of between 10% and 50% of their eligible costs.

The lion's share of the funding will be devoted to developing the European rail network (€1.8bn), decarbonising and upgrading road transport and developing Intelligent Transport Systems (€359.2m), and deploying Air Traffic Management (ATM) systems (€311.3m).


Social aspects


The secondary goal is stimulate economic growth and job creation. The EC will allocate €1.8bn of the €2.7bn total – around 65% – to the 15 member states eligible for support from the Cohesion Fund, the aim being to further bridge infrastructure disparities.

The projects also fall within the "Europe on the Move" agenda, which strives to make traffic cleaner and safer, strengthen social fairness, fight illicit employment and ensure proper conditions and rest times for workers in the transport sector. In the long term, these measures should extend far beyond transport and promote jobs, growth and investment elsewhere.


49 French projects


Of the 49 eligible French projects presented (accounting for €235.7m in total), 20 were chosen (amounting to €92.1m). Most of them concern the Atlantic, Mediterranean and North Sea/Mediterranean corridors.  

The largest amount of funding will go to the deployment of the Single European Sky Air Traffic (SESAR) project, an effective air-traffic management programme (€27m); freight improvements between Bordeaux and Dax (€8.45m); the relieving of congestion at the Bordeaux Sud rail junction (€8.519m); and the upgrading of the Pau-Zaragoza line (€5.515m).


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