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Aug 7, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Exodus: An HTC blockchain smartphone available this year

Exodus – the latest smartphone designed by HTC – is set to hit the market very soon and is being hailed by the company as the "first major blockchain telephone in the world". It has been designed to integrate various storage-technology-based applications and should it prove to be a hit, it will help the company out of its current struggles.

Taiwanese communications firm HTC recently announced that in the third quarter of 2018, it would be launching its Exodus smartphone, which it describes as the "first major blockchain telephone in the world". In a press release published on 11 July and reported by French website Capital, the mobile telephone giant revealed some of the main characteristics of its latest creation, in particular its "highly secure digital portfolio".


Dawn of a new blockchain trend?


The system will enable users of the Exodus to store cryptocurrencies and plenty more besides. HTC intends to be the "pioneer of a movement", providing a smartphone that can explore all the other possibilities on offer courtesy of blockchain technology. The Asian giant has called on the services of Phil Chen, creator of the Vive virtual reality headset who has been named Chief Crypto Officer of the group. One of his main tasks will be to supervise a number of partnerships signed with some of the biggest players in the blockchain universe.

For example, HTC has teamed up with Animoca and Bitmark with the aim of "speeding up the construction and distribution of exclusive digital products based on blockchain creations". Another agreement has been signed with Cryptokitties, one of the first video games developed using blockchain. The mobile version of the game will be exclusively available on the Exodus, as well as on the U12+ and other HTC devices, with a "crypto-gaming App store" set up for this purpose.


Stakes are high for HTC


The Taiwanese company currently finds itself in a precarious financial situation and is preparing to lay off almost a quarter of its employees. A great deal is therefore riding on the success of the Exodus – should it fail, then the consequences would be terrible for HTC, which is desperate to get back up among the leaders of the smartphone sector and hoping to win over as many customers as possible with its latest invention.

"The Exodus is an excellent starting point since the telephone is the most personal device that there is, and also the one that provides all of a user’s data," Chen explained. "The potential to decentralise the Internet that the Exodus will create really excites me, since it is set to redefine the modern user."


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