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Dec 4, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

EyeQue: the revolutionary connected headset that can identify eye problems in minutes

A Californian company is hoping to market a connected device which can carry out quick eye tests from the comfort of your own home. EyeQue is a connected headset in which the user inserts their smartphone, with an app enabling them to carry out a visual acuity test. The data is then stored in a cloud, making it easy to exchange and compare, for the user to monitor any changes in their sight.

Connected Headset EyeQue


A company by the name of EyeQue hopes that its connected headset, designed to measure the visual acuity of its users in a matter of minutes, will soon be available to the general public. The method behind it is very simple, making the equipment easy for anyone to use. To get the product on the market, the California-based company, founded in 2015, launched a crowdfunding campaign at the end of October on the Kickstarter platform.


Crowdfunding campaign off to a good start


According to, the project is drumming up plenty of interest. By 9 November, just a few days after the launch, EyeQue had already raised 16,220 dollars (14,000 euros) of the 25,000-dollar (21,500 euro) target. The campaign will finish on 25 December, with no fewer than 167 internet users having already pledged funds to help the creators of this equipment, which resembles a large pair of glasses and goes by the same name as the company developing it.

The glasses have a space for the user to slide in their smartphone to get the test under way. Any phones using Android or iOS and with a screen of at least 4.7 inches are compatible with EyeQue, and once they have been placed in the headset, the user merely has to put on the connected device and follow the instructions provided by an app. They are then guided through an eye test which can also identify cases of colour-blindness.


Tests in three stages


The evaluation of the quality of sight is done in three stages – one for each of the eyes, carried out separately, and a last one which measures the vision in both eyes at the same time. One of the advantages of EyeQue over other more traditional evaluations is that the letters and symbols to be read are generated at random, making it impossible to memorise them.

For children, an animated character appears between the sequences, handing out stickers as rewards to make the experience more fun.


Data for each user archived in a cloud


Another advantage of using a connected device to test your visual acuity is that the data collected can be stored in a dedicated, secure cloud which enables information to be shared with doctors. The user can pick up the evaluation for each of the members of their household, with prior test results archived and kept in order. The aim is for any initial sight problems to be detected early among children and adolescents, who are the main target market for the creators of EyeQue.


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