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Aug 14, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Ferrari lodges patent for new electric turbo system

A European patent has been lodged by Ferrari to protect its new turbocharger system that is adapted for hybrid vehicles. It differs from other comparable equipment in the fact that the turbine and the compressor are separate. Another crucial detail for drivers of any future cars equipped with this system is that the engine makes the characteristic turbo roar.


According to Futura Tech, Ferrari has recently lodged a document at the European Patent Office detailing a brand new type of electric turbocharger. This innovative system could be set to equip the engines on the future hybrid models that the legendary Italian automotive firm will be producing. There is no indication at the moment however that the patent will get as far as the manufacturing stage or indeed hit the market.


Independent turbine and compressor


As is the case with traditional turbochargers, the system devised by the firm’s engineers involves a turbine placed in the exhaust system of the vehicle which is fed by the gases that escape from there. The major difference in the process resides in the complete independence of the compressor and the turbine, with the latter’s only purpose being to produce electricity.

The energy generated can be stored and used to feed the electric engine which powers the car. The compressor will enable a greater volume of air to enter the cylinders of the combustion engine, meaning that the turbo will kick in more quickly.


Characteristic sound difficult to reproduce


Another advantage of the system is the noise made by the process, which apparently is reminiscent of the specific and highly recognisable sound of the traditional V8 and V12 engines.

This particular challenge has proved an awkward one when it comes to designing hybrid versions of sports cars of this kind, where the sound produced can make all the difference.


Bark but not at the expense of bite


To achieve the right mechanical acoustics, the Ferrari-developed turbocharger has transformed the turbine into an exhaust valve. Its functioning rhythm adapts to the engine speed and emits sounds of varying intensities. Thanks to the generator, the car can maintain high levels of performance at all times, even when the electronics slow down the turbine.

Ferrari management has not yet made any official statement confirming that they will be include their innovative new turbocharger in any future hybrid models.


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