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Mar 1, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

First-ever university qualification in connected health in France

Paris-Diderot University and the Public Hospitals of Paris are now offering a course in connected health, comprising a year in continuous training and aimed at health-care professionals.


With e-health becoming ever more present in medical practices, Paris-Diderot University has set up a course in connected health in conjunction with the Public Hospitals of Paris (AP-HP). The diploma, which is awarded after a year of continuous training, is aimed at professionals looking to work on projects in this particular field.

The university anticipates around 100 hours of lectures and practicals, with doctors, engineers, IT specialists, economists and lawyers involved in the course, which began in January and will be made official once candidates present a dissertation in October. It covers every facet of connected health – primarily the medical and technical sides, but also the legal aspect, according to French radio station France Inter.


Continuous training aimed at professionals


The course at Paris-Diderot University is coordinated by Boris Hensel, an endocrinologist and nutritionist, and heart surgeon Patrick Nataf. Rather than medical students, it is aimed at a wide range of health-care professionals, be they doctors, paramedics, administrative employees or people working for start-ups "who are looking to learn the medical, technical, legal and financial basics to carry out connected health projects", explains Dr Hansel. "We have designed the course to be an 'incubator for ideas', to produce innovative projects which can be implemented in the future."

The first session of the university course, entitled "Practical multi-disciplinary teaching in connected health", is already a roaring success, with all 120 available places having been snapped up, after no fewer than 250 people applied. The university is therefore looking at increasing the number of students in 2019.


Connected health growing in popularity among French people


This new course comes at a time when e-health is becoming increasingly popular in France according to figures published by Deloitte’s in 2016. A quarter of French people say that they are willing to pay for connected health devices such as activity trackers, blood pressure monitors, scales, thermometers, glucose monitors and connected pill organisers.

Those surveyed – who had an average monthly budget of five euros per connected service –primarily came from the under-35 age range, with the most positive responses among 18-24-year-olds. They also tended to be people who visited their GP on a regular basis, and who featured among the highest socio-professional categories.


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