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Mar 27, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Flying cars: Goodyear developing a two-in-one concept tyre

A hybrid tyre, designed for flying cars and capable of functioning as a propeller that can lift vehicles into the air, was unveiled by Goodyear at this year’s Geneva Motor Show. The US manufacturer is hoping that this eye-catching concept will respond to the future demand for flying vehicles, which are expected to come onto the market soon.


Flying cars and taxis will soon be a reality. Uber, Google, Airbus and Toyota are all working on projects that should come to fruition by 2020, as reported by the website Futura-Sciences. This new type of vehicle will require a new type of tyre from manufacturers, and Goodyear is taking steps to meet that future demand.


Both a tyre and a propeller 


To respond to this future demand, the US manufacturer has developed a new prototype, which was presented at the Geneva Motor Show in Switzerland in early March. Named Aero, the invention is “capable of acting as a tyre on the road and also as a propeller”, according to the manufacturer.

Thanks to a multifunctional concept that includes tilting rotors, Aero will allow vehicles to switch easily between flying and driving. The system would enable the high rotating-speeds required to drive the vehicle on the ground and is strong enough to rotate at the high speeds necessary for the rotors to create vertical lift. 



AI and fibre optics


Goodyear has also announced that its Aero tyres will also boast artificial intelligence and fibre optic sensors. An AI processor will allow them to communicate with other vehicles and infrastructures. The tyres will also be capable of monitoring wear and of sending an alert when repairs or a replacement are needed.  

The Aero is only a prototype at this moment in time. The various functionalities unveiled at the Geneva Motor Show and announced by Goodyear are merely in the development stage. No vehicle has yet been fitted with the tyres.


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