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Nov 20, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Ford Mustang: legendary car to be reborn in an electric version

After Austrian company Kreisel’s prototype of an electric Porsche 910 that was launched in spring 2017, UK firm Charge Automotive is now looking to create an electric version of a high-performance vehicle, having just unveiled a brand new version of the legendary Ford Mustang. 499 electric models of this mythical car have been slated to hit the market in autumn 2019, each costing in excess of 200,000 euros. The only problem is that the vehicle’s 408 hp engine will be too much for the battery to cope with, giving the car a range of just 200 kilometres.


Making an electric version of the legendary Mustang of the 1960s is the ambitious goal of UK company Charge Automotive. The fledgling constructor has vowed to have various new versions of the mythic Ford Mustang on the road by 2019. While the original manufacturer is not involved in the project, Charge Automotive has nevertheless promised to produce a faithful reproduction of the original bodywork of the vehicle under official licence. The all-new electric Mustang, which will be available both as a convertible and as a fastback, will be fitted with a new up-to-date and tailor-made driver area. The interior will be fitted with luxury upholstery and feature the latest generation of personalisable digital interfaces, according to Numerama.


Limited autonomy due to the powerful engine


To enable the Ford Mustang to rise from the ashes, Charge Automotive brought in Arrival – a company which specialises in electric motorisation and which has put together its finest team to work on the car, including engineers which had already been involved with projects in collaboration with McLaren Automotive, Williams F1 and Jaguar Land Rover. This particular Mustang is therefore being sired by an impressive stable.

The beast in question will go from 0–100 km/h in just 3.09 seconds thanks to the 408 horse power that it will have under the bonnet. Unfortunately, this raw power will have an impact on the performance of the electric battery, which will have a limited autonomy of just 200 kilometres, despite a capacity of 64 kWh. To compensate for this, the vehicle will be fitted with a rapid recharging system that has a DC current of 50 kW, which should comply with CCS standards and have a Combo2 plug. Future owners will also be able to choose between two-wheel and four-wheel drive versions.


First cars available from September 2019


Charge Automotive has stated that 499 electric Mustangs will be made available for sale, with advanced orders already being taken on the company’s official website – Prospective buyers will have to make a down-payment of GBP 5,000, or around 5,700 euros. The definitive price of the vehicle is set to start at GBP 200,000 (c. 230,000 euros).

Delivery will begin in September 2019 and by then, the Charge Automotive Mustang will have been demonstrated on a world tour taking in the USA, Europe, Asia and the United Arab Emirates from March – September  2019, including a stop in Paris.


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