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Mar 6, 2020,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Google makes it possible to have a real time conversation in 44 different languages

Google Assistant now offers to translate 44 languages in real time. The new ‘interpreter’ mode is available on all Android and iOS terminals and can be activated by simple voice command.

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To the delight of travellers who have been waiting for this kind of innovation for many a year, Google has recently integrated an instant translation function into its Assistant for mobile, French website Tom Travel reports. The new ‘interpreter’ mode is available on iOS and Android and makes it possible to have discussions in real time with people speaking another language.


44 languages already available


To activate interpreter mode on Google Assistant, a simple voice command such as: "OK Google, be my interpreter in Spanish" is enough.

Among the 44 languages available to users are many of the world’s most common ones such as English and Mandarin, alongside rarer dialects including Tamil and Marathi. It therefore has vast potential to make communication far easier when travelling abroad.


‘Smart response’ mode


Last but not least, the assistant does not merely translate your conversations in real time. Using artificial intelligence, it can even suggest appropriate replies to speed up the dialogue.

Interpreter mode is already installed in Google Home speakers and is now available for the first time on smartphone. Before it was made open to the general public, the functionality was successfully tested by staff and business clients of the Hyatt hotel group.


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