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Nov 21, 2018,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Google Maps helps electric vehicle users find charging stations

While electric vehicles offer a number of advantages, charging them still presents a problem, which is why Google Maps has developed a new function that tells EV owners where the nearest charging stations are located. The app, which features the Tesla and Chargepoint networks among others, also includes information about the type of ports available at each station.

Google Maps is helping electric vehicle owners find the nearest charging stations, which will show up when they search for terms such as “electric charging stations”. Useful information will also be displayed, including the type of ports available and charging speeds, as reported by Phonandroid.


Availability on Android and iOS 


The new Google Maps function shows a number of charging networks in specific countries only: the USA, the UK, Australia and New Zealand, with Tesla, SemaConnect, Chargepoint, Blink and EVgo networks available. The function is available to French and European EV owners, however, though the support is only offered on Android and iOS versions of Google Maps as yet. It will appear on the desktop version shortly.


A wealth of useful information


Thanks to this new information source, electric car owners can find nearby chargers with a minimum of fuss and a host of data enriched by the experiences of other users, including charge times at specific ports.

Carmakers are continuing to trim charge times, with Tesla announcing the development of systems that can charge a car fully in only 15 minutes.


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