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Oct 23, 2017,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Hamburg signs an intelligent mobility partnership with HERE Technologies

As part of European Mobility Week, which took place between 16th and 22nd September, the city of Hamburg has signed a partnership agreement with HERE Technologies.

European Mobility Week aims to promote the use of public transport, walking and cycling in the different countries of the European Union. During this event, the city of Hamburg in Germany signed a partnership with HERE Technologies, a specialist in mapping solutions and in-car navigation systems, in a bid to become more environmentally-friendly, reports website Ville intelligente.

Improve traffic safety and flow, and reduce pollution

Hamburg, with its urban conglomeration of 3.5 million inhabitants, is the second largest city in Germany, but also the second largest port in Europe, after Rotterdam. Road traffic connected with the transport of merchandise is a growing problem for the city, especially in and around the port, in terms of both traffic and pollution.

This is why, on 15th September, the German city signed an agreement with HERE Technologies – Holland’s leading company in the field of mapping solutions and in-car navigation systems, which is also involved in the development of self-driving cars. The aim is to improve the safety and flow of the traffic, as well as reducing pollution levels.

Frank Horch, Senator for Economics, Transport and Innovation, announced, “This partnership ties in with our mission to transform Hamburg into a model city for modern mobility. Our citizens will benefit from traffic flow that is more efficient, more comfortable and more environmentally-friendly.

Hamburg, a future Smart City

The city of Hamburg hopes to serve as an experiment site for innovative Smart City solutions. Non-personal data will be sent to HERE, and this data will be updated with regard to public transit, major events, the availability of parking spaces, and even construction sites. HERE will use the data for its HERE Reality Index, a large-scale geolocation database. “Thanks to our partnerships with forward-thinking cities like Hamburg, we hope to demonstrate the positive impact of our technology on city life,” announced a representative from HERE.

Thanks to this partnership, Hamburg and HERE will be able to put services in place and give users information about transport so that they make the right decisions and, as a consequence, ease traffic in the city. Another objective is to encourage the use of self-driving cars in the urban environment, thanks to the HD Live Map, a mapping tool. “Our advanced geolocation technology and our accurate digital maps are real assets for making mobility more efficient, safer and more environmentally-friendly,” explained Leon van de Pas, Vice-President and Director of the IoT at HERE Technologies.

Let us not forget that Hamburg is a candidate to host the ITS World Congress in 2021, a major congress for the study of transport for the future. This event would be held in collaboration with the German Ministry of Transport and Digital Infrastructures.  


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