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Jan 30, 2019,  by Allianz Partners Business Insights

Harley-Davidson: The legendary manufacturer’s first electric motorbike is launched in Europe

Harley-Davidson chose a Parisian dealership to launch its first 100% electric model on the European market in early 2019. The continent’s other dealerships will have to wait until later in the year. With its eagerly-awaited LiveWire, the manufacturer is targeting a new clientele.

Photo and cover photo credits: Harley Davidson

The first electric motorcycle manufactured by Harley-Davidson is set to be launched in Europe in 2019. The world-famous American manufacturer chose Paris for the European launch of its new two-wheeler, reports France Inter, in one dealership in particular.

Making its European debut in a dealership in Bastille

The chosen dealership is located in the French capital’s Bastille district. It will have exclusive rights over the model in Europe for the first six months of 2019. Around ten bikes will be available between now and September 2019. The LiveWire motorbike will then be on sale in other Harley-Davidson dealerships all over Europe, eighteen of which are in France.

The model has the potential to upset the brand’s most avid fans, whose image is partly based on the inimitable sound of their bike’s thermal motor. However, the new bike, which is equipped with 17-inch wheels, has piqued an interest that could help Harley-Davidson to win over a whole new client base, suggests Numerama. The aim is to improve the company’s profits, which have been on the wane for several years now.

An extremely practical city motorbike

“These motorcycles are easier to ride than bicycles, they lend themselves to urban environments where our product is maybe less targeted or less suited,” said Harley-Davidson’s CEO Matt Levatich in an interview for The Street last April.

“We continue to see electric vehicles as a tremendous opportunity,” he assured, which explains why they are targeted at, “a generation of people that don't have the mechanical depth of experience that boomers had.”

An orange version of the LiveWire was unveiled at the Milan motor show in November 2018. The motorbike, which boasts seven riding modes, was recently presented at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show) which was held in Las Vegas (United States) at the beginning of January 2019.

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